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Imagine a totally portable computer
that slips into your briefcase, incorporating
an LCD screen, lull typewriter keyboard,
printer and microcassette,
and runs on its own power supply for use anywhere.
We did.
Extraordinary product.
Exceptional quality.
Taking the computer a step further.
A computer small enough to fit into a briefcase yet with full size
typewriter keyboard, LCD Virtual Screen, printer and microcassette facility
actually built in.
Improbable. Until today.
The HX-20.
The most complete
portable computer
available today.
Functions fantastic.
The HX-20 is a real computer, not a
gimmicky toy. Or an extension of your calculator.
Or just another desk top computer. It is a precision
machine with 16k RAM which is optionally
expandable to 32k and 32k ROM expandable to
54k, RS-232C and serial interfaces.
The full size ASCII typewriter keyboard
and five programmable keys brings ten
separate program functions to your fingertips. "
The HX-20 can run on its own power
supply for over 50 hours which can be
easily recharged overnight, and has the
ability to retain its memory in RAM even
when switched off.
The HX-20's LCD Screen is unique,
keeping you in the picture by showing any
20 characters by 4 lines at a time. You can,
therefore, carry out word processing or data entry
as if you are using a large screen.
Upper and lower case letters,
numerals, punctuation marks and
graphics are easily read by simply
adjusting the viewing angle.
Virtual Screen keeps you
in the picture.
A built-in 24 column dot matrix impact microprinter offers 42 LPM in a
crisp, precise 5 x 7 matrix for perfect hard copies on plain paper. Every time.
And there's more.
.Bit addressable
graphics allow you to design your own
characters for full graphic capability,
a cartridge ribbon, full ASCII character
set including £ sign and enough
international symbols for
reproducing most Western languages.
Print out. Built in.
Add-on capability.
Choose from a wide range of peripherals. Barcode readers, audio
cassette for loading and saving programs, microcassette
and ROM cartridges, and the world famous Epson
dot matrix computer printers for quality output
. .
.to name just a few.
Via acoustic couplers
this superb machine
can also be linked
through the telephone to
other computers.
The HX-20 uses a full extended version of Microsoft BASIC, with a
24 hour clock, date and alarm, string functions, and music generation. The
interface options (with RS-232C and serial interfaces as standard) include a
standard cassette, a ROM cartridge, plus a system bus that allows you to expand
the RAM and ROM capabilities.
Software and the hard facts.
The HX-20 is light and totally portable for writing programs and
manipulating data
virtually anywhere. (Just four nickel-cadmium
batteries and a low power all-CMOS memory gives you a reliable
power source during your travels.)
Back at the office you can dump your data or programs onto a
cassette or into your main computer system.
Portability lor Programability. Anywhere.
A computer coming from Epson has got to be good. After all we
have been responsible for high quality precision manufacture since
1961. Just take a look at our impressive track record with the hugely
successful Epson dot matrix printers.
So it follows that you can expect the same quality, the same
reliability through our extensive research program prior to launching
Reliability through Research.
any revolutionary new product. Now that product has arrived.
The HX-20 is here today. From Epson.
But it's got to be seen to be believed.
Clip the coupon below and return it to us
- no stamp required and we'll send you the complete
list of HX-20 stockists by return.
If you would also like further details of
how the HX-20 can be suited to your
particular requirements simply include
your area of business and any
other relevant details separately
or on the back of the
freepost coupon.
To: Epson (UK) Limited,
Freepost, Wembley, Middlesex HA9 6BR
• Please send me your list of HX-20 stockists.
• I would like details of how Epson products can help my
particular business. I have included further information
Postal Code
o! HX-20
D i m t n i i o n j a n d Ambient Condition*
Dimensions and Weight
290mm wide
215 5mm deep
44mm high
Approx. 1.7 kg
2 .
Ambient Conditions
MiliMnfiWii; ;
1m "II
\ •
2 .
Relative humidity:
3 .
Shock resistance:
4 .
Vibration resistance:
S^C to 35
C (operating)
5°C to 35
C (charging)
-5°C to 40°C (data storage) (RAM battery backup)
-20°C to 60°C (non-operating)
10% to 80% (operating, no condensation)
10% to 80% (non-opoiating, no condensation)
1 G for 1 ms maximum (operating)
0.25G 5$ Hz maximum (operating)
P o w e r Supply (Nicd batteries)
4.5V to 6.0V (operating)
4.0V to 6.0V (data storage)
4.5V (low votlage detection)
Approx. 1100 mAH
2 .
Battery capacity:
AC Adaptor
Input voltage:
2 .
Power consumption:
3 .
Insulation resistance:
4 .
Insulation strength:
Microprinter (M-160)
Printing system:
2 .
Printing iormat
a, Total number of dots:
b. Number of characters
per line:
3 .
Printing speed
a. 1 dot line:
b. S x 7 dot matrix
(interline space
3 dots):
4 .
Character size
a. Dot spacing:
AC 220V/240V ± 10%
lOmcgohms between AC power supply and case
Can withstand
kV applied between AC power supply and
for 1 minute or more
Dot impact (4 printing solenoids)
144 dots maximum/dot line
24 maximum
( 5 x 7 dots; character-to-charader space 1 dot)
(6 characters/printing solenoid)
Approx. 150 ms (continuous printing)
Approx. 0.7 line/s (continuous printing)
42 lines per minute
0.33mm horirontal
0.33mm vertical
1.7mm wido, 2.4mm high
b. 5 x
dot matrix:
5 .
Recording paper
Plain paper
a. Kind:
57.5 ± 0.5mm
b. Paper width:
50mm or less
c. Outside diameter:
52.3 <j/m
(45 kg/1000 sheets/1091 sheets x 788mm)
e. Weight:
Automatic feed every dot line; with paper release
Paper feed:
7 .
Ribbon cartridge type
Automatic continuous
during motor operation
a. Colour:
b. Dimensions:
Approx. 91 mm wide, 25mm deep, 7mm high
Appro*. 10,000 lines
c. Life:
d. Standard:
Liquid Crystal Display
2 .
3 .
View angle adjustment:
1 .
Key switches:
2 .
Upper and lower case, numerals, symbols, graphic characters and
more; 20 characters per line; 4 lines in total (20 x 4 — 80 characters)
120 dots (horizontal) x 32 dots (vertical) = 3840 dots
Adjustable with VIEW ANGLE density control
Typewriter layout, full size. 68 koys (including 5 function keys and
13 special keys)
Power on switch, VIEW ANGLE density control lor LCD, and
adjusting circuit built in
DIN (8-pin) TCS 4480
RS-232C standard
110, 150, 300, 600, 1200, 2400, 4800 bps (selectable by operator)
DIN (5-pin) TCS 4450
RS-232C standard
38, 150, 400, 600, 4800 bps (selectable by operator).
RS-232C Interface
1 .
2 .
Input and output levels:
3 .
Transfer speed:
Serial Interface
2 .
Input and output levels:
3 .
Transfer speed:
Epson (UK) Limited
Doriand House
388 High Road Wembley
Middlesex HAS 6UH
Telephone: 01-900 0466/9
Telex: 8814169
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