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Brides of the Kindred
Book 5: Revealed
Evangeline Anderson
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Brides of the Kindred
Book 5: Revealed
Copyright © 2012 by Evangeline Anderson
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Please, people—I really can’t afford that.
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Author’s Note #2—This
is the fifth book in the Brides of the Kindred series. I
recommend that you read Claimed, Hunted, Sought, and Found before starting Revealed.
Hugs and Happy Reading to you all!
Evangeline Anderson
Chapter One
Detective Adam Rast stared down at the limp form of the girl in his arms in horror.
“Nadiah?” he said, patting her cheeks urgently. “Nadiah, come on—wake up.
But she just lay there, barely breathing, her lovely deep blue eyes rolled up to show
the whites. She looked like a life-sized doll, her head rolling limply from side to side on
his arm.
Rast couldn’t figure out what was going on. Nadiah had come down to the Sarasota
HKR building at his request to see if she could “feel” anything about the AllFather’s last
victim, Elise Darden. In the past, she’d been able to tell the whereabouts of a missing
person just by touching her clothes, and Rast had hoped she would be able to do it again.
But he’d be lying if he said the still-open case was the only reason he’d asked her to
come down from the Kindred Mother Ship to Earth. He’d heard from Commander
Sylvan that Nadiah would be leaving soon, going back to her home planet of Tranq
Prime, and he just couldn’t let her go without seeing her one more time.
It was a stupid impulse and he knew it. They’d started off with a bang during the
mistaken luck kiss at Commander Sylvan’s wedding, but after that things went downhill
fast, thanks to his own stubbornness and stupid pride. To be honest, Nadiah didn’t like
him at all—a fact she’d gone to great pains to make very clear during some of their
earlier meetings.
Rast didn’t blame her—he’d been a real jerk. First he’d refused to believe in her gift of
“The Sight”, as she called it, and then he’d called her crazy to her face. By the time
Nadiah had proved to him beyond the shadow of a doubt that she really was
experiencing a genuine psychic phenomenon, it was too late. As his mother liked to say,
“You never get a second chance to make a first impression.”
But even though he had blown it with the beautiful alien girl with exotically tilted
dark blue eyes and long golden hair, Rast couldn’t stop thinking about her. Couldn’t stop
wanting to see her again—just one last time. So he’d called on the viewscreen to ask for
her help and to his surprise and gratification, she had graciously agreed.
“Should have known something was wrong,” Rast muttered, patting her cheeks
again. “I could tell she didn’t feel well.”
It was true—Nadiah had been unnaturally pale as she stepped through the sliding
glass doors of the Human/Kindred Relations building. Her skin, always a delicate,
translucent porcelain, had been paper white. Her eyes, a deep shade of mysterious blue
Rast couldn’t name because they didn’t seem to match any Earthly color he’d ever seen—
had been large and haunted. He’d also noticed dark circles beneath them that hadn’t
been there during their last meeting.
He’d thought about saying something then—considered asking if she was all right.
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