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I dedicate this book to my parents Alvaro and Luisa, who taught me how to be
creative and see the world under a diferent set of eyes. And to my sons, Thomas
and Simon, for showing me the wonders of play.
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Freehand and Digital Drawing Techniques for Artists & Designers
Jorge Paricio
I have drawn for as long as I can
remember. I grew up in a family
of artists where any drawing and
painting medium was always handy,
and where experimentation was
always encouraged.
While in art school I would visit the
Prado Museum, in Madrid, to admire
the works of Velazquez, Greco, and the
early Renaissance pieces, and I fell in
love with the use of line weight and
color. Back in my father’s printmaking
class I still remember perusing through
the school’s collection of prints and
grabbing a magnifying glass to admire
up-close the line work of Hokusai,
Piranessi, Rembrandt, Dürer, or Goya.
I started thinking about a book like
this one when I prepared my Ph.D.
dissertation back in 2004, titled
“Freehand Drawing in Industrial
Design,” and I am grateful for the good
advice and direction I got from my thesis
advisor Manuel Alvarez Junco. Ten years
later, I ind that much of what I had
written in those pages still holds true:
drawing and perspective sketching is
a core skill that artists and designers
have to nurture constantly.
Finally, I am indebted to so many
talented students that wanted to
share their work in this publication.
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