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Lacey and Lethal
Laurann Dohner
Set in the same world as
and Kilt,
Mine to Chase.
Lacey hunts vampires—vile
monsters who leave death and
shattered lives in their wake. They
murdered her sister and she wants
revenge. Until she captures a big,
sexy blue-eyed vamp, and the
become. But she can’t resist getting
closer. Just looking at him makes
her mouth water and her thighs
Lethal can’t believe the little lass
got the better of him. He’s been
drugged and chained, but he’s
more insulted than concerned.
She’s bold, fearless, as she straddles
his hips and threatens to use his
body, teach him how it feels to be
taken without consent. Now he’s
intrigued and eager to get her out
of her clothes. She swears he’s her
enemy, but he’s determined to be
her lover.
A Romantica®
twilight erotic
from Ellora’s Cave
Lacey and Lethal
Laurann Dohner
I’d really like to thank everyone
for making my dreams come true.
This includes the ones who read my
books, encouraging me to write
more. You guys are AWESOME!
Ellora’s Cave not only gave this
aspiring author her start but
they’ve made writing for them a
pleasure. My editor, Pamela
Campbell, has taught me so much. I
look forward to every edit. Of
course, I couldn’t do what I do
without the support of Mr.
Laurann. He’s shown me that love
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