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Chapter 169 – Rainbow Cloak
Translated by: Nonnolly, GGP and Zdog!
Edited by: Sachin, Vk, NamelessEcon, Video and Kaylee!
Neighing, the Hun Emperor’s steed charged forward, knocking Dong Cheng Lei and Old K away. With two
of its hooves raised high in the air, the steed stomped on me. Unexpectedly, the boss’ mount could attack
like a pet. This boss’ artificial intelligence was abnormally high!
Under the light of the sword, I hurriedly rolled over, desperately dodging the attack. The place I was
standing before immediately became a pile of rubble. The Hun Emperor mounted his horse, holding his
longsword once again and came in for the kill. A sound indicated that a chain attack had been activated!
I looked at my own health and realized Yuzi Chengshuo and Darling Duck’s [Heal]s were on cooldown. It
was over!
I started to retreat quickly while using [Haste] and at the same time used a [Heal] to recover 900 points of
my health. With my body bent, I thought, Come on, a battle to the death!
A streak of red light flashed by me. Wan Er’s beautiful figure appeared in front of the boss’ and slid by.
With a raised dagger, she successfully stabbed the boss, stunning it for 2.1 seconds!
“Don’t attack!”
Darling Duck yelled loudly, at the same time using [Hemostasis] to replenish my health. Little Wolf
carrying his dagger rapidly retreated, moving out of the boss’ attack range. When facing a boss with such a
high attack, the Assassin’s role was to attack once and then retreat after landing a stun. Otherwise, they
wouldn’t even be able to withstand a single attack. Wan Er had the extra defense given by the steel
umbrella and could perhaps withstand an attack by the boss, but Little Wolf definitely would not be able to.
Not only was his armor not as good as Wan Er’s, his level was also lower, therefore he was being heavily
suppressed by the boss.
After being healed to full health, I immediately attacked the Hun Emperor, retaliating with a Lv 6 combo
using [Fierce Ice Blade] while simultaneously chugging down a Lv 6 Indigo Sea Pill. Constantly using a Lv
6 skill consumed way too much mana.
Not too far away, Dong Cheng Yue spread her pale fingers. With the sound “Snap”, [Thunderbolt Finger]
activated and it consecutively landed on the boss three times. The setting of [Thunderbolt Finger] was to
jump between multiple targets but for a single target; it could at most hit three times. This was quite
confusing, but with Dong Cheng Yue’s intelligence, this definitely was not an issue.
The Hun Emperor was a heavy armor type boss, therefore [Thunderbolt Finger] caused a huge amount of
damage. The three damage numbers made the others feel embarrassed–
Dong Cheng Yue used spells at an abnormally fast rate. She cast the skill [Icicle] next, which largely
reduced the movement speed and attack speed of the boss. Without her [Icicle], I would have died long ago.
“Dong Cheng, watch the amount of mana you have. Don’t deplete it, that would be embarrassing!” I
shouted out.
Dong Cheng Yue giggled and pulled out a Indigo Sea Pill and ate it, saying, “Don’t worry, I almost have
9000 points in mana. It is sufficient enough for me to use, and my equipment has mana restoring effects as
well. I shouldn’t end up depleting my mana.”
“That’s good then. Continue to concentrate on controlling the boss’ output!”
Even before I finished talking, I once again sustained a couple of hits. The Hun Emperor’s attack while on
horseback was too high, making it hard for people to endure and once again he almost killed me in an
instant. Darling Duck and Yuzi Chengshuo’s hearts almost stopped from fright.
“This won’t do!!”
Lin Wan Er, tightening her fist, gently said, “If this continues, the boss will definitely land a fatal strike,
and then Li Xiao Yao will be doomed. The boss must be separated from the battle horse. This way, his
attack will decrease by at least 30%!”
Matcha took a deep breath and said, “Beautiful Cang Tong, I have a plan. When the boss uses [Savage
Jump Slash] again, you use [Gouge] to make the horse stay behind. Then the two defensive Tigermen can
delay the mount. Dong Cheng Lei and Old K, you two heavy armor classes can kill the mount with Little
Wolf’s help as well. Xiao Yao, Miss Dong Cheng Yue and you two Healers can continue finishing the
main boss. I just checked that the mount only has 50000 health points, so it should be easy to take down.
How does that sound? We get rid of the mount, then the boss, killing them one by one?”
Lin Wan Er laughed and nodded. “Sure, let’s use that tactic!”
A few seconds later, I left combat with the Hun Emperor. Once the distance increased between us, the
trigger for [Savage Jump Slash]’s activation requirement would be met!
“Argh! Obstructing me is to go against the heavens!”
Liu Yuan yelled out in anger jumped up from his battle horse. In mid-air, his body streaked across in a
curve. He suddenly dropped and landed a heavy blow with his longsword on my shoulder!
I took one look at the damage number, and my heart froze. I’m dead!
Yuzi Chengshou already predicted that I couldn’t withstand the attack. She immediately cast [Revive] to
bring me back to life to continue to block the boss’ attacks. I ended up losing a level and had to pick up and
equip the [Ice Fire Cloak] that I dropped. Damn it, being a tank really sucked. No matter if we all die or
only I die, I’m always the first to lose a level!
“*Whimpering* …… Boss lost a level!” Matcha’ said sadly as she looked at me.
Lin Wan Er held onto her daggers as she charged the boss’ mount. In a low voice she said, “No problem, he
can deliver the killing blow on the rest of the bosses. That way he should be able to recover most of the
Crimson light flashed by as Lin Wan Er stunned the battle mount with a [Gouge]. The two Tigerman pets
started to tank the battle mount once they were summoned and right when the mount recovered from his
stun, Lin Wan Er’s dagger slashed her own Tigerman’s forehead, resulting in a 300+ damage. At the same
time, that got rid of all the aggro that had been accumulated on her and the battle mount’s [Charge] was
interrupted because of the lack of a target. Instead it immediately started attacking the Tigerman. Besides
the Tigerman, Dong Cheng Lei struck the battle mount directly with one [Flame Axe] and it lost over 2400
health–so powerful!
“I’m coming!”
Old K gripped his battle axe tightly and lowered his body. The nearby wind started to whistle as
[Whirlwind Slash] was activated and he spun around like a large windmill. Right afterwards, a series of 5
damage numbers appeared from the battle mount’s body. Each strike was over 1000+! The total damage
was close to 6000–really strong!
With the new tactic, the pressure on my end lessened greatly. After losing his battle mount, the
Hun Emperor’s damage output drastically decreased. Even a critical blow wouldn’t kill me now.
After a few minutes, Hun Emperor felt that something was not right. He retreated while holding his sword
and yelled out at the same time, “Mine …… where is my mount? Scarlet Turtle Mount, quickly return to
Matcha’s eyes widened, “Not good, the boss is going to ride again. We must separate them, otherwise it is
going to be a hard fight again!”
I quickly lowered my body and hit the ground with my fist, causing [Binding Chains] to be used!
This time it wasn’t a miss; it snared HunEmperor at the original spot. His intention of searching for his
battle mount was broken as Yuzi Chengshou smiled sweetly. “Good. Xiao Yao, your reaction speed is
really quick, so we don’t need to be too concerned about fighting the boss anymore. It looks like we really
did get much stronger. A Purple Tier boss can no longer beat us!”
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