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Great Festival of the Spirits at the Imperial Capital
Part 1
With a silver flash, the slicing attack ripped through the darkness.
Jet-black feathers instantly scattered, disappearing into space as particles of light.
—But that was all.
There was no sensation of having inflicted a critical blow.
"Fufu, what a shame, Kamito. But you've still got far to go—"
A flutter of gorgeous hair, bearing the color of night.
Accompanied by a swish of pale fingers in the darkness, lightning erupted in the
next instant.
With an earsplitting crack, the dagger in the boy's hand shattered from one strike
of lightning. This was an elemental waffe formed from a steel spirit with whom
he had made a simple contract.
While clicking his tongue, the boy retreated. Drawing his backup weapon—a
mithril dagger—he searched for the enemy presence lurking in the darkness.
(Where are you, darkness spirit—?)
While pouring divine power to make the blade glow and confirm his footing, the
boy cautiously moved around.
This battle arena of the Instructional School, with its complicated landscape, was
a place of death. One misstep would bring the same fate as those countless
corpses that had been struck down into the bottom of the abyss.
Although the Instructional School's elders firmly believed this boy to be the
reincarnation of the Demon King from a thousand years ago, they had no
intention of safeguarding his life because of that.
Suppose he were to die here, then it would only mean that his capacity was
insufficient to become the Demon King's successor. That was all.
Suddenly, the boy noticed slight movement in the darkness.
(Over there huh—)
Through instinct alone, the boy threw the dagger, infused with divine power.
—However, the presence had already vanished. Flashing silver, the blade flew
across empty space.
"It's still too early for you to kill me—"
—Before he knew it.
The presence had moved to his back.
Pale fingers, soft and smooth, caressed the boy's neck.
Instantly, the lightning surging through his entire body made him lose
Part 2
"...mito, hey, Kamito... Are you okay?"
"...Ooh, hmm..."
He felt a hand's cold touch on his forehead.
A ticklish feeling of hair came from his cheek.
From the comfort of light sleep, he opened his eyes slightly—
Only to see dusk-colored eyes looking at him with a worried expression.
The boy—Kamito—hastily tried to get up, but she held his head down.
"You'll feel dizzy if you get up suddenly."
"...Don't treat me... as a child, darkness spirit..."
"Indeed you are a child. What a shame, as you are now, you cannot kill me."
Keeping Kamito's head resting on her lap, the girl chuckled.
She was the darkness spirit of the highest rank—Restia Ashdoll.
Sent to educate the Demon King's successor, she was his final and most
formidable opponent.
Despite having defeated numerous fighters to obtain the Instructional School's
number one seat at the mere age of nine, Kamito had yet to gain the upper hand
over this darkness spirit, not even for one move or a half.
"...L-Let go of me..."
"Your body should still be numb. Just rest here for a while."
The slender fingers were gently caressing Kamito's hair.
Feeling like his strength had drained all of a sudden, Kamito could not help but
relax his body.
"Yes, this is right. Until your paralysis subsides, I'll just tell a bedtime story."
Hearing that, Kamito gave up on resisting, closing his eyes.
This was because the bedtime stories she told were Kamito's only avenue for
learning about the outside world, and it was very interesting information.
"...Go ahead if you want."
"How very unforthright."
The darkness spirit girl shrugged slightly.
"...Hmm, well then, let's talk about the imperial capital today."
"Imperial capital?"
"Yes. The Ordesia Empire's capital, Ostdakia. Have you heard of the name?"
"Something like the most magnificent city on the continent, right..."
Looking up at the sky, Kamito muttered.
"Indeed. It was the stronghold city built by the holy maiden Areishia who
vanquished the Demon King a thousand years ago. Its outer walls are very solid
with many guardian spirits protecting it. The city center is where the Nefescal
Palace sits, surrounded by a vast garden, with the residences of nobles around—"
The darkness spirit girl talked about the imperial capital's details one by one.
However, this would be too concise to call a bedtime story. Her tone of voice was
like reciting facts that had been prepared ahead of time.
Lying on the girl's lap, Kamito was already yawning. Her bedtime stories in the
past were much more interesting, enough to pique the young Kamito's curiosity.
"I think that's enough about the imperial capital. Instead, I want to hear more
about the mountain ranges where many dragons live inside the Dracunia
"Haha, the imperial capital is very boring, huh?"
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