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Chapter 134
The True Face Of Tang San’s Spirit, Blue Silver Emperor
Part 1
This was a mood he had never sensed before. Gradually, he didn’t need to release too much spiritual
force, each blue silver grass within the forest released faint spiritual fluctuations, and even though they
weren’t strong individually, with all that omnipresent blue silver grass together, it formed a tremendous
spiritual field, fusing together with the spiritual force Tang San released.
Through them, the range Tang San could sense suddenly multiplied exponentially.
Each blue silver grass became like Tang San’s eyes and ears. Tang San could use spiritual force to
examine the world before, but now using the blue silver grass’ spiritual field, the area he could observe
could only be described as terrifying.
Just at this moment, suddenly, a voice echoed by Tang San’s ears without any warning,
“King, great king, is it truly you? You have finally come to me, thank Heaven.”
‘King? Is this meant for me?’ Tang San was inwardly shocked. He didn’t understand why a voice
would appear within his spiritual world. And at this moment, Tang Hao standing next to Tang San,
revealed a faint smile. His spiritual force had also been open all along.
A voice suddenly appearing as Tang San sensed the spiritual field of the surrounding blue silver grass,
astonished him enormously. And this voice unexpectedly addressed him as king.
A powerful spiritual force suddenly reached out through the originally gentle blue silver grass spiritual
field. This spiritual force swiftly tangled with Tang San’s spiritual force, as if the two were ropes tied
“King, please come here to me, can you?”
That voice seemed to become even more eager, and with a strong longing.
Opening his eyes in shock, Tang San looked at his father.
Tang Hao calmly said:
“You should have already sensed it. Go, I’ll wait for you here. There are times when obtaining a spirit
ring doesn’t require killing.”
Even though Tang San didn’t understand what his father meant, he still stood. Greatly astonishing to
him was that even without him deliberately controlling his spiritual force right now, that intense
spiritual aura was still connected to him, constantly calling out.
Stepping into the forest, Tang San suddenly felt the threatening aura of the spirit beasts within the
forest clearly weaken, as if the spirit beasts hidden among the trees had stepped aside to open up a path.
With his father’s certainty, he didn’t hesitate, leaping up and swiftly advancing in the direction of that
spiritual pull.
Where he passed, the blue silver grass on the ground seemed to call out excitedly, softly swaying
rhythmically. As if dancing cheerfully at Tang San’s arrival.
This forest wasn’t large, at least it couldn’t even be compared to the Star Dou Great Forest. But as he
entered, Tang San discovered that the plants here all seemed very ancient, as if they had experienced
endless years.
Trees towering towards the sky could be seen everywhere, even the light of the sun found it very
difficult to pierce the dense foliage.
Tang San could be certain that this was an ancient forest. But, just what was that voice calling out to
He longed to know the truth, and therefore his speed was especially rapid. On the way, he wasn’t
obstructed by any spirit beasts, and easily followed the pull of that spiritual force forward.
After rushing for around two hours, that spiritual force connected to him suddenly became especially
“King, I am here.”
The spiritual voice appeared once again, so excited it was even a bit nervous.
Passing two trees that would have required at least several people working together to reach around,
Tang San’s spiritual force shifted, locking onto a plant in front. He could clearly feel that the spiritual
call came from this plant.
Slender vines climbed up, intertwining until they reached ten meters into the air. It seemed to be
countless vines twined together to form an extraordinary plant. It was entirely crystal clear blue, the
surface flickering with a special kind of translucency. In its surroundings, the blue silver grass grew
especially lush.
Each of those vines were the thickness of a human waist, their diameter surpassing one chi.
Right now it swayed slightly, and in the middle of the vines, there were unexpectedly marks condensed
together like a human face. Right now its expression seemed to be smiling. Smiling at him.
These vines gave him a formidable impression, an extremely formidable aura being released with
hardly any restraint. Intense spiritual fluctuations gushed out with that face as center, revolving around
Tang San with a cheerful rhythm.
The spiritual pull stopped here. Even though Tang San had seen plant type spirit beasts before, it was
still the first time he met one with such a formidable aura.
“Did you call for me?”
Tang San’s stared at the enormous vine in front of him with a burning gaze. Even though he already
sensed that the counterpart didn’t hold the slightest bit of malice, inwardly he still couldn’t help being a
bit vigilant.
“Yes, great king. It was I who called for you.”
That human face in the twisting vines moved, revealing an extraordinary human expression, its large
mouth opening, unexpectedly issuing human speech.
This time it was no longer a spiritual exchange, but rather true speech.
Tang San was shocked. In fact, plant type spirit beasts’ cultivation was a lot harder than animal type
spirit beasts. He had never heard Grandmaster say that plant type spirit beasts could speak, but the facts
arrayed before him tolerated no disbelief.
“Who are you? Why do you call me king?”
Tang San curiously asked.
The vines smiled:
“Because flowing through your body, is blood more noble than mine. If I can be called a king among
blue silver grass, then, you are the emperor.”
Hearing this, Tang San inwardly understood somewhat. His brain operating at high speed, all kinds of
possibilities constantly appeared in his mind.
This enormous vine in front of him was unexpectedly also a blue silver grass. The universally regarded
as a trash spirit, Blue Silver Grass, could actually be cultivated to such a formidable degree?
Before Tang San opened his mouth, the Blue Silver King spoke once again,
“The distance to blood of your realm is still at least fifteen thousand years of cultivation for me. To
meet you, to sense the aura of the blood you carry, I seem to have found a path leading to even nobler
blood. Thank you, my king.”
Tang San frowned,
“I’m sorry, perhaps you’ve made a mistake. I’m really not your king. I’m a human, not blue silver
grass. I just happen to possess the Blue Silver Grass spirit.”
The Blue Silver King said somewhat eagerly:
“Great king, it’s impossible for me to mistake it. The aura you carry is the aura of the Blue Silver
Empress, this is no mistake. If you were only an ordinary human with the blue silver grass spirit like
that, do you believe you could cultivate to your present level? What you possess, is the blood of the
blue silver imperial family! Great king.”
Tang San was dumbfounded,
“You’re saying, that my Blue Silver Grass isn’t ordinary Blue Silver Grass?”
“Yes. What you possess is the purest blood of the blue silver royalty. If I were to describe your spirit
then, I think it would be more suitable to use Blue Silver Emperor, not Blue Silver Grass. All blue
silver are one line, all are your people. Haven’t you felt them calling out to you?”
Blue Silver Emperor? Tang San’s heart twitched. He suddenly understood some of his father’s
intentions in letting him come here.
Could it be that his mother’s spirit in those days was Blue Silver Emperor? That what he had inherited
wasn’t some trash spirit, but the profound Blue Silver Emperor Spirit?
That enormous Blue Silver King continued:
“Blue Silver Emperor, has always been of the same line in this world. Only when the last Blue Silver
Emperor passes will the next Blue Silver Emperor appear. Even if you are human, you are currently the
only person through whose veins flows the blood of the Blue Silver Emperor.”
Tang San felt his pulse accelerate,
“But, I’ve never felt that my Blue Silver Grass was anything special, perhaps you don’t understand, but
the strength I possess right now was obtained by a special method of cultivating.”
Tang San had always believed that the reason he could possess innate full spirit power wasn’t related to
his spirit, but rather to his cultivation of Mysterious Heaven Skill.
Consequently, he was still somewhat doubtful of the Blue Silver King’s words.
The Blue Silver King sighed lightly, saying:
“Yes, you’re not wrong, previously, your Blue Silver Emperor was no different from ordinary Blue
Silver Grass. This is our mistake. Because, your blue silver imperial blood still hasn’t truly awakened.
Therefore you’re still unable to sense how formidable it is. Great king, your coming here, don’t tell me
it isn’t in order to let me help you awaken it?”
Hearing the Blue Silver King’s words, if Tang San still didn’t understand, he wouldn’t be Tang San.
Awaken? His spirit had already had one awakening when he was six, could it be it still needed a
Apparently sensing Tang San’s way of thinking, the Blue Silver King patiently said:
“Great Majesty, would the awakening of ordinary humans be able to truly awaken that noble blood of
yours? On the Continent, besides you, I am the longest living blue silver grass. Therefore I am called
Blue Silver King. Meeting you at last, as your eternal servants, we will forever guard you. Do you wish
to forever shelter your subjects?”
Without any hesitation, Tang San earnestly fixed his gaze on the Blue Silver King, nodding firmly,
“I do.”
Two drops of blue liquid flowed from where the eyes were on the Blue Silver King’s human face,
“Almost twenty years, without feeling the aura of Your Majesty. Today, we will at last no longer be
motherless children. Your Majesty, please sense your subjects worship you.”
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