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Chapter 141
Blue Silver Domain And Deathgod Domain
Part 1
However, he couldn’t keep his mind from replaying the scene where Hu Liena without the slightest
hesitation pulled him back to the narrow road when he killed the dark golden three-headed bat king.
Even though he didn’t understand why Hu Liena didn’t have any evil intent towards him, even to the
extent that she was extremely sincere, it was just because of this that he couldn’t act now. Even if he
did, he knew he might not be able to truly injure the opponent.
Just at this moment, suddenly, Hu Liena raised her head, turned her palm, and struck her own chest.
Blood spurted out with a vomiting sound. But her red eyes became awake for a while,
“Tang Yin. I can’t do it. If it goes on like this, I’m afraid we won’t walk out of this Hell Road. I’ll put
my life in your hands. Even though I don’t understand why I trust you, I know that you will definitely
bring me out of here. While my mind is clear, knock me unconscious.”
This was just the moment when man and Heaven were waging war in Tang San’s heart. Suddenly
seeing Hu Liena do this, he couldn’t help being a bit ashamed. It seemed that this girl in front of him
wasn’t like he thought!
Hu Liena trembled violently, wavering in front of Tang San, she shouted almost mournfully,
“Hurry, do it. I won’t hold out.”
He didn’t hesitate further, this was undoubtedly the best way to settle the situation. Tang San abruptly
stepped forward, one palm cutting at Hu Liena’s neck. Hu Liena’s body softened, slipping into his
Holding Hu Liena’s delicate body, seeing the fox tail on her butt gradually withdraw and the snow
white skin exposed under the broken small pants, Tang San didn’t have any distracting thoughts.
He suddenly had a measure of respect towards this woman in his arms. Respect for her courage.
At this moment, Tang San could easily throw Hu Liena into the abyss next to him, that would not only
make the next part of the Hell Road easier, but could furthermore strangle a future great enemy in the
However, Tang San didn’t do it. Sighing, he pulled Hu Liena against him, arranging her against his
chest. Blue light rushed out. With Hu Liena already unconscious, he no longer had to hide anything,
and strand after strand of sapphire like Blue Silver Emperor quietly appeared, tying Hu Liena tightly to
In order to not let her influence his movements, Tang San twisted her arms around his neck, and raised
her legs to tie them around his waist.
Without a doubt, the two were currently in extremely close contact, and Hu Liena’s bits of cloths were
practically no different from being naked, but the current Tang San was perfectly calm.
Everything before him, was part of his training.
He could of course abandon Hu Liena, but he knew that if he really did so, then that would be the same
as being destroyed by the demon in his heart. To say nothing of whether he was able to walk away from
this place under that influence, even if he did, he might carry this crack in his heart for a lifetime.
Pursuing the summit of Spirit Masters would then be impossible.
Therefore, he had to carry her out. Even if later she turned out to be his greatest enemy, he still had to
display strength and discipline and confront her fairly in the future. This was a choice that a martial
artist, a Spirit Master, a man couldn’t escape.
Just as Tang San used Blue Silver Grass to tie Hu Liena into a posture that would least affect his
movements, he suddenly understood what the final challenge of the Hell Road was.
It was still a powerful enemy, but not an external one, but rather oneself. The demon in one’s heart.
In the tremendous sinister atmosphere, under the influence of the red-hot nefarious blood plasma as
well as his own enormous slaughter intent, in order to persevere and leave this place, what kind of
unswerving determination and willpower would that require?
Even a top quality genius like Hu Liena was unable to endure till the end. This final trial to leave the
Hell Road was the most difficult.
Thinking of this, Tang San couldn’t help inwardly sighing over his luck.
He had all kinds of abilities that could stabilize his willpower, among them was the most fundamental
Mysterious Heaven Skill, and the mind condensing wisdom skull bone, as well as that miraculous blue
Just as Hu Liena guessed, Tang San’s blue domain was an innate domain of his spirit. The second
awakening of his Blue Silver Grass had exposed its true identity.
As the only Blue Silver Emperor on the Continent, its second awakening had simultaneously assigned
Tang San the imperial prestige it possessed, that was the Blue Silver Emperor’s innate domain, Blue
Silver Domain.
Right here, the Blue Silver Domain was of course unable to display its greatest might. Or one might say
that the Blue Silver Domain’s own effect was already suppressed to its lowest level in here. But relying
on the endlessly growing atmosphere of the domain, it could still be of some help to Tang San.
As for the surrounding scorching heat, to Tang San it was more like a joke.
Even the Ice and Fire Yin Yang Well’s infernal heat was unable to influence him who had eaten the
Infernal Precious Apricot and Octagonal Mysterious Ice Grass, let alone this place.
Perhaps the extreme toxin in the blood broth could influence Tang San, but he would never give it the
chance to reach him.
In two years in Slaughter City, how could Tang San not have researched the Bloody Mary? The blood
soup here should be the sinister blood of countless degenerates over a thousand years, mixed with
extreme toxin and concentrated. It could also be described as the basis of Slaughter City.
Stretching his hand into the Wishful Hundred Treasure Purse, a snow white immortal herb appeared in
Tang San’s hand.
The immortal herb was a sparkling and translucent snow white, each leaf seemingly dripping with
water, slender curving, it seemed like the neck of a swan.
If one only saw it, who could guess that the property this immortal herb possessed was actually
Let alone eating it, just coming touching it would cause any virus at the point of contact to multiply a
hundred thousandfold. Under a great many circumstances, this so called ‘Snow Swan Kiss’ would be
even more dreadful than any poison. Even when holding it with Mysterious Jade Hand, Tang San
seemed to be trembling with fear.
The might of this immortal herb really was too terrifying, to the extent that not even Tang San dared
use it to refine poison. Because if Tang San was infected with just a drop of its breath in the refining
process, he would also certainly die. Who dared guarantee that their body didn’t have a single virus?
With a light wave of his hand, the snow white Snow Swan Kiss floated into the air and fell,
plummeting towards the dark red blood plasma below, instantly swallowed by the blood, disappearing
without a trace.
The blood plasma didn’t seem to suffer any influence, but Tang San knew that this immortal herb still
brought Slaughter City a devastating stimulation. With its medicinal effect, the toxin within the
nefarious blood plasma would multiply without limit.
And Slaughter City treating this as its foundation, how could it still exist?
Slaughter City, this dark, evil, terrifying world, shouldn’t exist.
No matter who was there, it would still be better if this darkest face of the world disappeared.
Setting off once again, Tang San swiftly rushed forward. His body and Hu Liena in front of him rubbed
against each other as he moved, constantly causing bursts of pleasurable sensations. But at this
moment, Tang San rigidly put his thoughts in order, constantly replaying bloody scene after scene from
Slaughter City in his mind. Only like this could he resist the lure of this feeling on his chest that was
more bewitching than his murderous mind.
The air became hotter and hotter, and tied in front of Tang San, Hu Liena’s skin had already become
rosy red. Fortunately, this was within Tang San’s Blue Silver Domain, and further adding her own
valiant strength, her body was far more unyielding than ordinary people.
Otherwise, just this current scorching heat would be enough to roast her alive.
Watching the blood plasma in the abyss on either side grow closer and closer, the corners of Tang San’s
mouth displayed an ice cold smile. ‘Slaughter City, Slaughter King, I hope you like the gift I left
Just as Tang San anticipated, along with the temperature rising, the blood plasma rose on either side.
He knew that he wasn’t far from the exit.
After an hour, his mind constantly provoked by irritable killing intent, Tang San finally saw the exit.
By now, his sweat had also already soaked his jacket. It wasn’t because of the surrounding heat, but
rather because of the double influence of the slaughter intent and this dreadful extraordinary beauty in
front of him.
No matter how resolute Tang San’s will was, under such circumstances, even he was almost unable to
endure. And at this time, he finally saw the distant exit.
The exit clearly led outside, white light forming an oval screen of light. There was the end of Tang
San’s journey.
However, the exit was still a kilometer away. Tang San halted, his brows furrowing.
Even though the exit had appeared, it really was an exit on another shore. Right now in front of Tang
San was no longer any road, it was all a blood red sea. The blood plasma finally reached here,
unexpectedly forming a small lake, blocking his path forward, bubbles rising in the blood. A kilometer
away, just like on the other side of an eternally uncrossable chasm.
There were no more creatures attacking, but here was the most powerful sinister energy as well as this
thousand meter wide enormous gulf in front of him, became a practically uncrossable moat.
Holding Hu Liena in front of him, it was hard for his right hand not to come into contact with her
astonishingly flexible pert butt.
As a result of Hu Liena previously exposing her fox tail, and further adding the jolting on the way, the
area her little hotpants could currently conceal was really pitifully small.
Tang San’s lower body had long since unconsciously become high spirited due to the two touching.
Under the dual stimulation, even his eyes had become blood red.
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