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Hannover Fair 2006 Special Issue
Modbus Board Elects New
Fred Cohn Leads the Organization into its Fourth Year
At its March 2006 meeting, the Modbus-IDA Board of
Directors elected Fred Cohn to succeed Ken Crater as
president of the organization. Since its incorporation in
November 2002, the Modbus organization has seen much
Transfer of the Modbus specification from
Schneider Electric to Modbus-IDA.
·• Acceptance of Modbus TCP/IP by the IEC as
a Publicly Available Specification.
Launching a new website, incorporating
database-driven device and company
Redesigned conformance test program
Establishment of a new conformance test
center in China.
As Fred Cohn assumed office, he thanked Ken for his
efforts and successes as Modbus-IDA’s founding president.
Fred has served on the Modbus-IDA Board of Directors
for nearly two years. His stated goals are to make the
organization an even stronger community of valuable
information around the Modbus protocol and a destination
for all companies and individuals deploying and buying
Modbus devices.
Specifically he intends to focus on three main areas:
Membership growth;
International standardization; and
Conformance testing.
Fred shared some of his ideas with member companies, “I
view membership growth as the best way to strengthen the
community by bringing together the best minds in device,
controller, and software technologies. We have grown our
device library to close to 500 devices, but I know that the
actual number of devices in the marketplace is much, much
higher. We want to see our library grow to help people
make informed purchasing decisions.”
Regarding conformance testing, Fred commented on
the successful launch of the test laboratory in China
and the organization’s plans to expand its testing
capabilities with other laboratories in Europe and Asia.
Members and users have
communicated their interest in
further developing the capacity
to test Modbus serial devices.
Under Fred’s leaderhip, the
organization will look into
enhancing its capabilities in that
Beyond conformance
testing, he commented on
Fred Cohn, Modbus-IDA
the potential of developing
some level of
interoperability testing at
Modbus-IDA laboratories.
Fred expressed his excitment at embracing the
challenges that lie ahead and the opportunity to lead the
organization as it grows and matures.
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Hannover Fair 2006
April 24 - 28
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News about the World’s Most Popular Industrial Protocol
Organization News • Organization News
Meet Our Members...
communcations standards. OPC drivers
for this package were developed in
Aquasensors also offers its
AnalogPlus™ line of industry standard
sensors that can be used with its
AnalyzerBox controllers and other
industry standard analyzers. The
AnalogPlus™ line of sensors has a
number of feature that reduce cost,
improve performance and durability.
In addition to the DataStick™ and
AnalogPlus™ analytical measurement
lines, Aquasensors provides a complete
line of sensor mounting options,
calibration solutions and refurbishment
kits. The company is positioned to
provide custom solutions for
measurement, mounting and calibration
and continues to expand its standard
product offerings.
Weed Instrument
was founded
in 1968, the company has been a player
in defining and growing several unique
technology markets. From custom-
sensors for
OEM applications to high-
performance products for the nuclear
power generation and industrial
automation markets, Weed Instrument
helps keep industry and business around
the globe up and running. The company
was registered to the ISO 9001:2000
quality standard in 2003. Headquarterd
in Round Rock, Texas, Weed
Instrument’s five product groups
• fiber optic converters and switches;
• temperature sensors/transmitters;
• nuclear qualified instrumentation;
• aerospace/military temperature
sensors; and
• pressure and temperature switches,
pressure transmitters, and alarm
The engineering team at
has been developing
and manufacturing analytical
instruments for over 20 years.
It developed the DataStick™ plug-and-
play analytical measurement system in
early 2003 (see
Modbus products, page 4).
The following summer Aquasensors
released a full line of analytical
measurements with standard industrial
communications protocols designed for
direct integration into PLCs and HMIs
for remote monitoring, calibration,
configuration and diagnostics. The plug-
and-play versatility of the system
quickly paid off; its users were able to
network measurements to a single
control screen using standard protocols
such as Modbus without the need for
intermediate analyzer boxes.
In 2004 Aquasensors introduced the
AV38 local display unit in a ¼ DIN
NEMA 4X enclosure. The AV38 can be
connected to multiple DataStick™
measurements and provide current
loop data reporting, local relays and
industrial communications for remote
calibration and configuration. They have
installed this AV38/DataStick™
solution in many locations with
dissolved oxygen, toroidal conductivity,
pH and ORP applications. Many plants
that currently require 4 to 20 milliamp
data want to upgrade to digital systems,
and the AV38/DataStick™ solution
makes it easy to do so without buying
additional equipment.
In 2004 Aquasensors also released
AquaComm™, a software package that
can be loaded on many computers for
monitoring, calibration, configuration,
diagnostics and data logging of
multiple DataStick™ measurement
points. This package supports USB, RS-
232, RS-485 and Modbus RTU
see back cover for
Organization News • Organization News
Meet Our Members...
ModemTec, s.r.o.
develops and
produces communication equipment
that uses existing low-voltage power
lines (powerline communication). The
specializes in
products, which
provide reliable,
long-distance data transmission.
ModemTec Company’s products are
powerline communication devices and
modems that are able to transmit data
with no further investment into con-
struction of communication channels
(e.g., purchase of cables or radio and
wireless devices). ModemTec modules
can be used in:
remote metering of electric and non-
electric values (temperature, humidity),
data processing and management;
remote metering of M-Bus meters
(e.g., water meters, gas meters);
data transfer in industrial environment
(transfer of Modbus and other
protocols); and
remote transfer of I/O status.
In developing its products, ModemTec
focused on communication robustness,
which is provided through the DBPSK
multi-channel modulation, Reed
Salomon error correction, and flexible
communication feature modifications
depending on the power line
ModemTec’s experience suggests that
powerline communication will become
one of the important communication
channels for automated meter readings
and other applications in the field of
industrial automation and monitoring.
SoftDEL Systems Limited
is a global
provider of software products and
services, focused on engineering
applications in selected domains. The
company leverages its expertise in real-
time, embedded and PC-hosted
software development combined with
application domain knowledge and
CMM-compliant processes to provide
customized services to its clients.
SoftDEL partners with companies
developing software-based products,
by providing software development
services and solutions that quickly
transform a product vision into reality.
Its partners are typically either the
software developers or manufacturers
of high-technology products that have
significant software content. SoftDEL’s
services are delivered in several
domains including process and factory
automation, building automation, test
and measurement instruments, and
RTOS/embedded tool development.
Founded in 1996,
provides remote device
management solutions to network-
enable, monitor and control
automation devices from any suitable
location. The company’s core
business is within Machine-to-
Machine, Ethernet/web solutions and
gateways. IntelliCom has extensive
experience with automation and
network connectivity, offering
Modbus products since 1997. Today
its product lines cover embedded
boards, development kits, standard
networking gateways, web server,
and applications for monitoring and
Intellicom's NetBiter® webSCADA
product is an easy-to-use, web-based
SCADA system. Both local and
remote monitoring and control is
supported over Ethernet, Internet,
LANs, telephone modems, GSM
and GPRS. The NetBiter®
webSCADA hardware has a built-in
web server that operates when
customizing the graphical user web
interface. Everything is done by
clicking through the onboard web
pages using a standard web browser
at any computer. No Windows tools
or HTML editors are needed. No
licenses or royalties. All software and
hardware is included.
( or
ModemTec MT23-M
webSCADA Modbus
Modbus Products and Innovations
DataStick Sensors Communicate
Over Modbus
has introduced a Modbus
version of its patented DataStick family of
analytical sensors to the process market.
DataStick systems communicate directly with
PLCs, PCs, and process controllers using
Modbus. They are plug-and-play devices
delivering flawless 24-bit resolution analog data directly over Modbus
communications networks to measure pH, ORP, DO, ozone, condictivity,
suspended solids, turbidity, and resistivity. This enables PLCs, PCs, and industrial
computers to perform in applications that could only be done prevoiously with
costly process control and DCS systms.
The DataStick is remotely calibrated, configured and diagnosed with any
computer, HMI or PLC through a single cable. With three basic interchangeable
parts, reliability and maintenance are greatly simplified.
The DataStick sensor body is common to all applications and accepts DataStick
sensor heads and network interfaces. The body automatically detects the sensor
head type connected to it and configures itseld to send dfata through the DataStick
network interface module.
For more information, visit
Sensor Head (Dissolved
Oxygen Sensor)
Communications Adaptor
Sensor Body
NPort 6110:
Modbus Serial to Ethernet Solution
The NPort 6110 supports one Ethernet and one software selectable RS-232/422/485 port that can connect with Modbus
devices. By translating Modbus TCP/IP (Ethernet) and Modbus Serial protocols (ASCII, RTU), a PLC with Ethernet can use
the RS-232/422/485 interface to seamlessly communicate with instruments.
NPort 6110 has an intuitive Windows utility that automatically searches for all available NPort 6110 units on the LAN. Traffic
monitoring within the utility helps troubleshoot any Modbus communication problem, such as connection status check, or
address translation error check.
Features include:
For more
Modbus serial and Ethernet device integration
Supports Modbus TCP/IP Master device to Modbus ASCII/RTU slave
devices (up to 31)
Supports Modbus ASCII/RTU master device to Modbus TCP/IP slave
devices (up to 4)
Easy-to-use Windows utility for configuration over Ethernet
10/100M fast Ethernet with automatic IP setting (DHCP)
One software selectable RS-232/422/485 interface
High-speed serial up to 230.4 Kbps
information, visit
NPort 6110
Modbus Products and Innovations
Comtrol’s EdgeWare™ Edge Controller
Integrates RFID Readers, PLCs and SAP®
Comtrol Corporation
announced a limited release of
its EdgeWare edge controller that facilitates real-time
communication and transparent integration of controls
infrastructure and plant floor devices such as RFID
readers with enterprise applications such as SAP. The
EdgeWare edge controller made its debut at the RFID
World 2006 Annual Conference and Exhibition. Comtrol is working with Sun
Microsystems, as the software provider.
The EdgeWare controller extends the reach of enterprise applications such as SAP
to a variety of plant floor devices within industrial and building automation, retail,
and transportation environments. By embedding and integrating Sun’s RFID
software and distributed architecture with industrial Ethernet protocols, on-
demand business decisions can be made based on real-time information that is
gathered from RFID readers, bar code scanners, sensors and other devices.
The EdgeWare controller is easily integrated into existing and future controls
infrastructures by communicating to PLCs using their own industrial Ethernet
protocol. The EdgeWare edge controller bridges the device-to-enterprise gap by
making devices “speak-up” to enterprise applications
EdgeWare Edge Controller’s benefits include more informed business decisions as
plant floor information is gathered and communicated in real-time, leveraging
existing PLCs by communicating over industrial Ethernet and serial protocols, ease
of integration into controls infrastructure, plant floor devices and enterprise
applications, and increased compliancy with Sarbanes-Oxley requirements.
The devices features include:
• Patent-pending information routing technology
• Embedded Java System RFID Software 3.0
• Embedded industrial Ethernet protocols - Ethernet/IP, Modbus TCP/IP,
• Real-time OS
• Solid-state
• Variable power
• Industrial temperature range
• Micro footprint
• ROHS/WEEE compliant
• Power-over-Ethernet (PoE)
For more information, visit
List your company’s
Modbus compatible
products on the
Modbus-IDA website.
Comtrol’s EdgWare Controller
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