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Chapter 64
Ice Fire Alchemical Body
Part 1
The infernal delicate apricot had just the opposite effect of the octagonal mysterious ice grass, and it
mustn’t be cut with metal: only by using jade would it not lose its efficacy.
Although Tang San’s Mysterious Jade Hand wasn’t true jade, there was very little difference. Using
Mysterious Jade Hand he could successfully excavate it.
As he prepared all this, Tang San had already started feeling internal pains.
He had already stayed next to the Ice and Fire Yin Yang Well for a considerable amount of time, and
despite as much as possible staying where the two kinds of hot spring waters met, and also with the
aromatic silk beauty immortal treasure to restrain both cold and hot poison, by now his body was still
showing a reaction.
This reaction had become especially clear after picking those two immortal treasures. Cold and heat
alternately burst into him, and right now Tang San’s face was part blue and part red, his qi and blood
roiling, Mysterious Heaven Skill less and less able to suppress them.
Poison Douluo Dugu Bo naturally knew how difficult it was to stay by the Ice and Fire Yin Yang Well.
That was why he had never brought even Dugu Yan here, afraid the atmosphere here would harm his
granddaughter. But to his own toxic body the Ice and Fire Yin Yang Well’s troubles instead became
beneficial, and naturally was no problem.
Bringing Tang San here this time the old freak feigned magnanimity, while at the same time he really
wanted to see whether Tang San, who claimed to be able to detoxify him, was able to survive in such a
place. If he could even endure the power of the Ice and Fire Yin Yang Well, and still resist his poison,
then he might truly believe that Tang San was able to treat him.
Precious immortal treasures, Tang San sighed inwardly. He knew that if it wasn’t at the side of this Ice
and Fire Yin Yang Well, perhaps any one kind of immortal treasure medicinal herb would remove
anything poisonous nearby to protect itself.
But here it was difficult for anything to live, therefore there were still immortal herbs. Ice didn’t
protect. However, immortal herbs were better off. Still one had to clearly understand their properties to
use them, otherwise, not only wouldn’t it be beneficial, on the contrary it would be deadly. Even those
great healing immortal herbs, if they weren’t used in special ways and neutralized with other
medicaments, their healing would result in death all the same.
The two Blue Silver Grass flew out like unrolling bolts of silk, simultaneously falling to those two
immortal herbs, the ends instantly wrapping them up like lightning. The two immortal herbs were
thrown up simultaneously, falling in his direction.
At the same time, both his hands simultaneously cut those two Blue Silver Grass strands. Without the
support of spirit power Blue Silver Grass had limited durability and separated where Tang San cut them
with Mysterious Jade Hand.
Tang San’s choice was unmistakably correct, practically just a second after he severed the Blue Silver
Grass the strand on the left had already frozen solid, the strand on the right had turned into ash. If he
had let these immortal treasure herbs’ effects pass into his body, then he might have been out of luck
before even using them.
The two herbs landed in front of Tang San. Bizarrely, despite their extreme heat and cold, once in
proximity, both cold and heat disappeared simultaneously.
The octagonal mysterious ice grass was shrouded in red light, and the infernal precious apricot was
covered in a layer of white.
Tang San knew he couldn’t hesitate now, after these two immortal herbs had met, even though they
suppressed each other, after ten breaths their effect would completely vanish.
But within these ten breaths was the best time to take them.
Without hesitating, Tang San picked up the two poisonous herbs and swallowed them with big gulps.
Even though poisonous, after they were restrained by their nemeses, they lacked potency. On entering
the mouth, and passing down the throat along with saliva, Tang San only felt himself drool, a sweet
fragrance overflowing.
The flavor really was good, Tang San thought to himself that it was fine as long as they didn’t become
too spicy next.
While pondering this, Tang San swiftly tore off all his clothes, no longer circulating Mysterious Heaven
Skill, withdrawing the Eight Spider Lances on his back and the Blue Silver Grass in his surroundings.
In just three breaths, Tang San’s body trembled fiercely, and immediately afterward a layer of icy blue
spread up from his feet, in an eyeblink his whole body had become completely blue. The next moment
a layer of red rose, this time Tang San looked like a just boiled shrimp. Blue and red alternated,
creating a bizarre sight.
But in this simple transformation process, Tang San’s mind nearly collapsed. Under two kinds of
extreme shock it was even more painful than the time he absorbed the Man Faced Demon Spider spirit
Right now it was only with an effort he maintained a bit of control over himself, hastily drawing a deep
breath, he staggered forward one step.
Right in front of him was the Ice and Fire Yin Yang Well. With just enough time to close his eyes, Tang
San fell into it right where the extreme cold yin side and extreme heat yang side met.
Tang San entered the spring waters with a splash, turning and sinking below the surface.
The reason he didn’t enter the spring immediately after eating the two immortal treasure herbs was to
wait until the medicinal properties took effect, otherwise, if he fell into the water just a moment too
soon he wouldn’t even leave bones behind.
Now entering the waters right after the medicinal properties took effect he didn’t feel anything at all,
since the octagonal mysterious ice grass and infernal precious apricot already completely removed his
perception of the outside world.
Tang San had naturally carefully thought over the reasons for choosing these two herbs. These two
immortal treasure poisonous herbs weren’t the highest quality of those surrounding the Ice and Fire Yin
Yang Well, they were actually fairly ordinary. If it had only been one kind, let alone eating them, just
standing next to them would have put him in critical condition.
But with fire and ice suppressing each other, as the two kinds of herbs came together and caused just
that neutralizing effect, this was the only opportunity to use them.
Of course, the two herbs hadn’t lost their fire and ice properties. After eating them, Tang San still had to
endure a potent ice and fire baptism. If he was unable to endure he would immediately burst and die.
The most significant reason for using them was the Ice and Fire Yin Yang Well, since according to the
accounts in the Mysterious Heaven Treasure Record, the only way to enter the Ice and Fire Yin Yang
Well was with the simultaneous effects of the octagonal mysterious ice grass and infernal precious
These two plants had grown while absorbing the waters of the Ice and Fire Yin Yang Well, and it was
only these that could subdue the terrifying power of the two kinds of spring water.
Right now Tang San appeared to be in a crisis, but in fact, the effect of the Ice and Fire Yin Yang Well
along with the two kinds of poisonous herbs boosted Tang San’s ability to absorb them, their ice and
fire energies transforming his body.
What Dugu Bo said about not touching the Ice and Fire Yin Yang Well really wasn’t empty words.
Even as a Title Douluo, if he fell into the spring it would be very difficult for him to escape.
But within this Ice and Fire Yin Yang Well all poisons were ineffective, there wasn’t any poison that
could maintain its potency in this water.
Tang San didn’t chose these two herbs because they had the greatest effect on him, but because they
left him with a way out.
Just in case Dugu Bo didn’t keep his promises, after absorbing the octagonal mysterious ice grass and
infernal precious apricot he could dodge disaster by hiding in this Ice and Fire Yin Yang Well.
At the same time Tang San had another reason for using these two herbs. Without the toxicity that
allowed Dugu Bo to fearlessly stay at the side of the Ice and Fire Yin Yang Well, if he didn’t use these
herbs, then perhaps he would have perished from the atmosphere here even before the agreed upon
time with Dugu Bo tomorrow.
Even if he wanted to leave now, the ice and fire energies within his body would cause him incurable
devastating injuries. Let alone future cultivation, even saving his life would be a problem.
However, even with the best writing couldn’t be experienced, even though Mysterious Heaven Treasure
Record’s accounts was exhaustive there were still mistakes, Tang San couldn’t know just how
immensely painful it would be until he he actually ate those two plants.
Even if the ice and fire energies had somewhat neutralized each other first, after entering his body they
stirred frantically, the medicinal power of immortal treasure herbs was terrifying. As the ice and fire
mutual suppression instantly erupted in a shocking energy, Tang San didn’t even have the opportunity
to resist with his willpower.
The moment he fell into that Ice and Fire Yin Yang Well he had already lost consciousness.
The waters of the Ice and Fire Yin Yang Well churned when Tang San entered, but not long after, Tang
San slowly sunk into the surging water. The surface once again recovered its tranquility, the milky
white and scarlet red still clearly separated. The steam still filling the air, everything becoming quiet.
Time flowed like a river, early morning became night by the simple events of the sun rising and falling.
Someone once said, ‘the eyes close and then open, and a day has gone by, the eyes close but do not
open, and a lifetime has passed.’ Even time that seems to pass slowly can be so brief. Peoples’ lives are
like this.
Night fell once again, darkness enshrouding the earth, the Ice and Fire Yin Yang Well once again
entered darkness, and Tang San within still hadn’t surfaced, apparently he had completely disappeared
from the spring water.
The sun set over a forest, a group of three was swiftly passing through the trees, constantly advancing,
moving back and forth.
The trio consisted of two men and one woman, the two men both with anxious expressions. Even
though that woman still had a serene face, her brows were tightly knit.
Of the two men, the one that seemed thinner and weaker was supported by the arm of the other man,
borrowing strength to continue forward.
This trio had once been famous in the Spirit Master world, until they later collapsed and fell apart: the
Golden Iron Triangle.
That day, after Tang San had quietly disappeared, Grandmaster had immediately returned with Flender
to where Tang San had been, summoning his spirit Luo San Pao. Even if a creature like San Pao was
quite weak, it still had some extraordinary features, namely its sense of smell.
Furthermore it was integrated with Grandmaster, and could remember everything Grandmaster smelled.
After a brief search, Grandmaster and San Pao immediately discerned Tang San’s whereabouts. He had
unexpectedly been kidnapped by that Title Douluo Dugu Bo they met during the day.
As he recalled that toxic old freak, Grandmaster couldn’t help but panic, falling into that old poisonous
thing’s hands, how could it be beneficial for Tang San? Moreover, they basically didn’t know the old
freak’s whereabouts.
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