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Chapter 78
Tang San’s Left Hand, Clear Sky Hammer
Part 1
Without time to protect himself, Tai Tan only felt as if his brain was pricked by needles, his mind dizzy,
a stinging and burning feeling in his eyes. If it hadn’t been for the pressure he released making the air
distort, causing a certain degree of refraction in Tang San’s gaze, his circumstances would be even
Tai Tan gave Tang San strength energy pressure, but what Tang San now gave him was a mental attack.
At this moment Tang San finally knew what had changed in his Purple Demon Eye after taking the Full
Moon Wearing Autumn Dew. The true form of that gaze had become an attack. The condensed Purple
Demon Eye had become a kind of unconventional mental attack, and at this crucial moment when he
was about to collapse, it displayed to immense effect.
His mind suffering an attack, Tai Tan was naturally unable to further control the pressure he released,
and with a muffled groan he actually retreated a step.
The pressure in the air suddenly gone, Tang San only felt an emptiness around him. As the tremendous
pressure vanished, he couldn’t keep from swaying, and if it hadn’t been for four of the Eight Spider
Lances on his back being thrust into the ground, perhaps he would have fallen the instant the weight
was gone.
Once again belching up a mouthful of blood, Tang San’s complexion was deathly pale. Completely
tottering on the verge of collapse, he might fall to the ground at any moment. But it was also at this
moment that he felt the rupturing sound of the Yang Linking Meridian among the Eight Extraordinary
Meridians breaking through, the shock of the quickly circulating Mysterious Heaven Skill breaking
open this meridian a crack. Even though it hadn’t been completely connected, just like a
thousandli dike being destroyed by an ant tunnel, with this crack he wasn’t far from breaking through.
However, right now Tang San couldn’t be excited, that stick of incense still had a fifth left, and now he
completely lacked the strength to reissue the Purple Demon Eye’s mental attack, and even less able to
rely on inner strength to support his body. Even if Tai Tan launched another attack with a third of the
pressure, his only fate was to fall.
Could it be that he would truly become another’s slave, joining his clan? Tang San understood that this
wasn’t because of his carelessness, but because of the absolute gap in strength. A humiliated feeling
struck his mind hard, and he stuck out his chest. No matter how, he had to persevere to the last moment,
as long as he still hadn’t fallen, this fight still wasn’t over.
Making an effort to shake his head, Vigorous God Tai Tan could once again see everything clearly after
the dizziness. That youngster still stood there unyielding, and even though he cut a sorry figure, his
eyes were still resolute. What was that just now? His spirit ability?
“You still want to continue? You should know that if you do, it might cause you permanent harm.”
Tai Tan spoke in a low voice. He didn’t want to destroy a genius, he had to recruit talent. How would
he fail to see the the state Tang San was in?
Zhao Wuji’s voice also impatiently cut in at this moment,
“Little San, concede. You mustn’t destroy your future. Others can sort this out.”
Tang San only spoke this one word, but blood again ran from the corner of his mouth,
“Please continue.”
He didn’t say much, but at this moment all the teachers and students from the Academy watching the
battle were moved. How persistent and unyielding to be able to support his words like this.
Even Tai Tan showed an alarmed expression. This youngster was really too outstanding. Precisely
because of this, he absolutely couldn’t let him off. If he couldn’t recruit him, then, he could only
destroy him.
With this in mind, Tai Tan’s gaze gradually focused, the atmosphere around him once again fluctuating.
The Blue Silver Grass withdrew completely. Slowly and resolutely, Tang San gently raised his left
hand. Five fingers spreading, he didn’t look at Tai Tan, his gaze was completely focused on his own left
hand. ‘Whether or not I can withstand this final moment, you watch and see.’
Intense black rays of light bubbled out of his hand, gradually condensing into a shape.
A small black hammer quietly appeared in Tang San’s palm. The hammer wasn’t large, and covered by
faint decorative patterns.
But the moment it appeared, Tang San seemed to recover a bit of his strength. A grave atmosphere
appeared around him.
Tai Tan’s body suddenly trembled violently once. The pressure already charging at Tang San instantly
weakened, Tang San’s body rocking once. Holding the hammer at his chest, rigidly warding off this
weakened pressure, an unyielding radiance glittering in his determined expression.
“This is……”
It wasn’t just Tai Tan who turned pale with fright, Tai Nuo at his side also stared wide eyed and
exclaimed in alarm.
Just at this moment, seven rays of dazzlingly beautiful light shone down from the sky, enveloping Tang
San’s body within just like a seven colored rainbow.
Instantly, Tang San’s body shuddered fiercely, his skin recovering its lost gloss, and with a low moan he
slowly closed his eyes.
At the same time a profoundly bold voice echoed from all directions at once,
“Old orangutan, what skill is bullying children. Long time no see, let us take a turn next.”
In the flickering light and shadow, including Zhao Wuji, no one saw clearly until three people stood in
the middle of the fight.
Standing in the middle was an old man, his right and left hand separately supporting the arms of the
two people at his side. To his left was an extremely beautiful young lady, apparently fourteen or fifteen
years old. When her feet touched ground she immediately turned and ran over to Tang San.
To his right was a scholarly middle aged man. Right now in that middle aged man’s palm was a seven
colored dizzyingly glittering dazzlingly beautiful pagoda.
The seven colored light that appeared over Tang San was connected to the pagoda in his palm.
Seeing these three appear, the pupils of Vigorous God Tai Tan’s eyes immediately contracted. Even
though his nature was always to never fear anything in heaven or earth, confronting these three he still
had no choice but to restrain his character.
“I wondered who it was, so it’s Bone Douluo and school master Ning. Let this old man pay his
The three arrivals were precisely Ning Fengzhi, Ning Rongrong and Bone Douluo Gu Rong.
When the school master left, of the two resident Douluo at Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School, one
would go along and the other would stay at the school to keep watch. Last time it was Sword Douluo
Chen Xin who followed Ning Fengzhi, so this time it was the Bone Douluo’s turn.
For this reason the Sword Douluo and Bone Douluo had argued for ages. Both of them wanted to see
what kind of person the genius youngster Ning Rongrong had talked about was.
Actually, Ning Fengzhi’s trio had already arrived as early as when Tang San and Tai Tan made their bet.
Ning Rongrong had strongly asked her father to intervene, but had been refused by Ning Fengzhi.
Concealed in a secret place, Ning Fengzhiäs goal was to have a look at just how outstanding this
youngster actually was. With him there, naturally there was no fear that the bet would conclude. Now
that Tang San seemed unable to endure, Ning Fenzhi acted immediately, blocking the fight.
The Bone Douluo appeared in front of Tai Tan with a whoosh,
“Old orangutan, give a brother some face, let this fight pass. Our school also have our eyes on this kid.
Don’t go fighting over him with us.”
With the backing of formidable strength, Gu Rong basically didn’t need to talk in circles, and directly
stated the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School’s intentions to Tai Tan. Even though Tai Tan’s Strength
Clan wasn’t small, compared to the seven great schools it was still far too lacking.
Bone Douluo Gu Rong had complete confidence in being able to suppress him in strength.
The Spirit Master world always spoke with strength. Wrecking an agreed upon bet was admittedly
violating the rules of the game, but if the wrecker himself was a person who made the rules, who would
say anything?
According to Gu Rong’s understanding of Tai Tan, this fearless old fogey wouldn’t give up so easily.
Even if confronted by the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School, with his fiery temper he would still be
spoiling for a battle. Not fighting was impossible.
But Gu Rong hadn’t expected that when he heard his words, Tai Tan actually smiled. Even though a
smiling expression clearly looked somewhat strange on his stiff face, Gu Rong was certain that Tai Tan
was smiling, and moreover that the smiling expression held a sarcastic overtone.
“Old orangutan, what are you laughing at?”
Tai Tan snorted, saying:
“You want me to give you face? Fine, I’ll give it. We’ll drop this bet, I don’t lose, and he doesn’t lose.”
Gu Rong stared blankly,
“Giving face like this? Old orangutan, this isn’t your style!”
The corners of Tai Tan’s mouth twitched, and he raised his hand to point to Tang San,
“Old Bone, take a good look at what’s in his hand. Luckily you’re still a Title Douluo, could it be you
don’t have even this much eyesight?”
At this Gu Rong’s gaze fell on Tang San, following Tai Tan’s finger, he could just see the black little
hammer in Tang San’s left hand. In that instant his expression also changed immediately.
“He’s actually Clear Sky……”
Tai Tan smiled without smiling:
“You know it. For me this is flooding the dragon king temple[1], for you it might be only be inviting a
rejection. Haha, hahahaha.”
While laughing, he walked over towards Tang San with big steps like a shooting star.
Gu Rong had seen the little black hammer in Tang San’s hand, and Ning Fengzhi had naturally also
seen it. His expression was slightly artificial, but very quickly recovered to normal. A school master’s
bearing wasn’t something Gu Rong could compare to.
Gu Rong moved over to Ning Fengzhi’s side, somewhat impatiently saying:
“School master, in his hand……”
Ning Fengzhi interrupted him, saying with a nod:
“I know. It’s no wonder that he’s so outstanding, I didn’t expect him to come from Clear Sky. His
family name is Tang, I should have realized it long ago.”
Part 2
The brilliance of the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile Pagoda in his hand was unceasing, still covering Tang
San’s body, rippling into him from the surroundings.
Right now Tang San already felt as if he had gone from hell to heaven. A comfortably warm air,
extremely mild humidity rapidly recovering his energy, agility, strength, mind, and even something
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