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Chapter 92
One Minute Victory
Part 1
The Heaven Dou Imperial Academy second team’s five charging power attack system Spirit
Masters ran directly into a solid Blue Silver Prison and were immediately confused. Relying purely
on physical momentum, it was impossible to break the Blue Silver Prisons. And that control system
Spirit Master and the support system woman behind them were even more firmly restrained.
Through clever control, Tang San used Blue Silver Prisons to directly cut off their line of sight.
Even though this spirit ability couldn’t prevent them from using their spirit abilities, with their
vision obstructed, how could they assist their teammates?
The Heaven Dou Imperial Academy’s five assault members ran into Blue Silver Prisons and their
forward momentum naturally stopped. But right now was when the attack of Dai Mubai’s trio
reached its peak.
Those five Blue Silver Prisons only appeared for an instant, blocking the five power attack system
Spirit Masters’ charge then instantly fading away. But black Blue Silver Grass already engulfed
their legs from below, in the blink of an eye completing Binding. By combining and switching
abilities, Tang San didn’t give the opponents any chance to resist.
“White Tiger Meteor Shower.”
Dai Mubai shouted and all the tiger stripes on his overbearing body became golden, with a roaring
sound, golden light burst out, countless fist sized golden balls of light appeared with him as the
center, and instantly locked on and blasted the opponents head on.
Tai Long also took advantage of the opportunity to grab his opponent who was struggling in the
Blue Silver Grass, heaving him up high and heavily smashing him down on the ground. And Huang
Yuan was like a sandstorm in front of his opponent, his attacks pouring down like howling wind and
torrential rain.
Was Blue Silver Grass so easy to throw off? After the nourishment of the fourth spirit ring, and a
ten thousand year spirit ring at that, the current Blue Silver Grass had already reached a terrifying
degree of toughness. Through the thorns its poison flowed into these universally thirty fifth ranked
Spirit Masters. Being bound by Tang San’s initial move, struggling free was no doubt a pipe dream
to them.
Control system Spirit Masters restrained the majority of other Spirit Master systems, and Tang San’s
spirit power and spirit abilities were even more beyond these opponents. Further adding their
distraction at the start, the moment Blue Silver Grass twisted around them, the outcome of this
battle was already set.
Xiao Wu and Jing Ling had now also reached their chosen opponents. Jing Ling’s target was that
petite control system Spirit Master. He wasn’t as fast as Zhu Zhuqing, but as an agility attack
system Spirit Master it was already astonishing. While moving like the wind, his whole body had
transformed into a bulky skeleton, appearing exceptionally terrifying. His large hands had turned
into two bone knives, and as he arrived in front of that control system Spirit Master he already
directly unleashed his third spirit ability, Mad Battle.
Attack speed and attack power simultaneously rose by fifty percent. Just as the Blue Silver Prison
disappeared, the two bone knives chopped directly at the opponent like a whirlwind.
That petite man’s spirit was a Ring, categorized as a Tool Spirit, his control relied mainly on this
ring, but needed time to use high level spirit abilities. If he had power attack system Spirit Masters
to block the enemy offensive for him, that bit of time wasn’t much. However, as he himself was
restrained by that Blue Silver Prison, his heart was already in disorder. Right now, where would
there still be time to launch spirit abilities? Helplessly, he could only use his first and second spirit
ability to strengthen the Ring’s attributes and block.
Hundred year spirit abilities clashing with a thousand year spirit ability, it was no contest.
Xiao Wu and Tang San no doubt had the deepest mutual understanding. When Xiao Wu was still
five meters away from that auxiliary system Spirit Master, Tang San already withdrew the Blue
Silver Prison. He didn’t even use Blue Silver Grass to bind the opponent. After all, that was only an
auxiliary system Spirit Master.
Teleportation, Soft Skill, Waist Bow. Xiao Wu’s motions were like moving clouds and flowing
water, being derided and insulted before, her Waist Bow was ruthless. Slender thighs coiled around
the opponent’s neck, throwing her up into the air.
A loud miserable shriek rose practically simultaneously over the stage, and as the female Support
Spirit Master was caught by Xiao Wu’s graceful backwards somersault, the blood curdling shriek
cut in half as she already fainted. As for just how many bones she broke, that was something only
Xiao Wu knew.
Skeleton Spirit Master Jing Ling was ordinarily cold, but this attack was extremely fierce. With
Tang San’s cooperation, the agility attack system Spirit Master could exhibit his full attack power,
and the opponent’s Ring was basically unable to keep up with his attack speed. A moment later,
blood blossomed in all directions, and a miserable shriek rose. If it hadn’t been for the tournament
banning killing, his attack would have been even fiercer, striking directly at the vitals.
As for the five power attack system Spirit Masters, their physique was no doubt valiant, but they
confronted three who were even more powerful.
Dai Mubai took on three opponents alone, and as his White Tiger Meteor Shower fell on the
opponents, the outcome was already completely without suspense, let alone when the three were
already caught in Tang San’s Blue Silver Grass Binding. Tiger paws swung in succession, and
miserable shrieks, sounds of snapping bones, and blood blossomed in all directions.
Blitz, this word was very simple, but to the Shrek Academy team it was a secret signal, representing
precisely a burst assault. Without holding back anything. Relying on accurate control, Tang San
didn’t participate in the attack, but he successfully fulfilled the proper responsibilities of a control
system Spirit Master. Controlling the battlefield, controlling the enemy, and also controlling his own
side so his team members could reveal their full strength.
Originally there was a gap between the two sides, but this gap was only in that Tang San and Dai
Mubai were Spirit Ancestors, and not decisive. If it had been a head on confrontation, while the
Shrek Academy side would still have won, the battle would also have lasted a while. But Tang San’s
moves didn’t give the other side the chance to catch their breath, letting his side open up with an
assault of their most powerful spirit abilities, the instantly arising burst power basically didn’t give
the opponents time to react before they were already drowned in attacks like howling wind and
torrential rain.
“Stop, we concede.”
When the Heaven Dou Imperial Academy second team’s coach saw that their circumstances were
far from reassuring, he hastily threw in a white towel. In addition he quickly went on stage,
preventing the Shrek Academy team from continuing.
The referee had already been stunned since as early as when the White Tiger Meteor Shower’s
dazzling light appeared. Let alone a match between academies, even if it was a spirit battle in the
Great Spirit Arena, it would still be rare for such a miserable scene to appear. Heavens, were these
really students?
Right now, all the eighty thousand spectators in the Great Spirit Arena were completely silent. If
previously the Shrek Academy team members’ clothes had been the target of their ridicule, then by
now those snot green uniforms seemed dazzling.
Without the least suspense. This really was a match without the least suspense. Or it might be
described as a unilateral massacre. But the target of extermination wasn’t the Shrek Academy as
they’d thought, but rather the target of their hopes, the symbol of Heaven Dou Empire’s imperial
family, Heaven Dou Imperial Academy’s second team.
Tang San’s gaze coldly swept across the audience, seemingly using his expression to tell them who
the strong was. Shrek’s seven, using their own tyrannical strength, had choked all insults to them.
Contempt or disdain, these expressions had disappeared long ago. What remained was only shock
and disbelief.
“Referee, I must file a complaint. They basically weren’t competing, but murdering. They’ve
violated the rules of the competition. I demand they be judged.”
Seeing each and every one of his team members covered in blood, bones broken and tendons
snapped, the Heaven Dou Imperial Academy coach snarled at the referee.
The referee had already come back to himself, and immediately gazed strictly at the Shrek Academy
team members.
Tang San smiled calmly, saying:
“Respected referee, I only want to ask you one thing: Are they dead?”
The referee looked distracted a moment, turning his head to look at the seven members of the
Heaven Dou Imperial Academy second team on the ground. Indeed, even though these seven were
all severely injured, they still breathed and shouldn’t be in danger of dying.
Tang San indicated Jiang Zhu behind him,
“The ability of our auxiliary system Spirit Master is healing. She deployed her spirit at the
beginning, releasing the healing capability. This healing ability is enough to cover the whole stage.
That wasn’t in order to heal us, but rather for them. If we really wanted to kill them, would we heal
the opponents? But it seems they don’t need our healing. Senior Jiang Zu, stop.”
Tang San’s voice was very loud, and he carefully amplified his voice with spirit power to spread
across the whole arena, letting everyone hear.
Letting their side’s Spirit Master heal the opponents from the beginning, what kind of contempt was
that? But the Shrek Academy really revealed enough strength to justify such contempt.
The referee looked at this side, then again at that side, and for a moment he also didn’t seem to
know just how to call it. At this moment, another two referees ran up, and after the three bowed
their heads to talk it over, the first referee loudly declared,
“Preselection competition first round, first match, Shrek Academy’s victory.”
This was a one minute victory.
Hong——, the audience instantly erupted in an enormous discussion. For a moment there were
doubtful voices, praising voices, even more were still just shocked. The grand Heaven Dou Imperial
Academy’s second team was actually smashed in under a minute by some unknown Spirit Master
team. The shock it produced was really too large.
Emperor Xue Ye stood up with an ashen complexion, his gaze falling on the despondent prince Xue
Xing. With a cold snort, he brushed with his sleeves and left.
Ning Fengzhi followed emperor Xue Ye from the VIP section with a smile on his face, but platinum
bishop Salas still sat pondering in his seat, reflecting on something.
Part 2
In the seats specially furnished for competing academy spectators, Flender stood up with a smile
across his face, saying to Grandmaster and Liu Erlong:
“I’ll leave first.”
Liu Erlong distrustfully asked:
“Boss Fu, where are you going?”
Flender laughed out loud,
“The little monsters have made such an outstanding display, and the advertisement on our clothing
has been revealed. I think that some people with a little bit of insight should have seen the power of
our Shrek Academy. I still need to properly consider the advertisement, opening at a high price, to
earn a bit of money for the Academy. This time I think it’ll be impossible for our Academy’s
reputation not to spread.”
Pulling on the lapels of his clothes, he meticulously arranged the Academy symbol to reveal it
clearly. Flender didn’t know how long it had been since he vented his anger like now. He had never
forgotten the humiliation from that time at Heaven Dou Imperial Academy, and this moment the
stifling haze in his heart had been swept away. He clearly understood that Tang San and Dai Mubai
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