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Chapter 106
Drifting Snow Ice Phoenix
Part 1
Blue Silver Grass really was durable, the Blue Silver Grass making up the Spider Web Restraint
especially was even tougher. Relying on his full spirit power output, Tang San’s defense of his side was
watertight. However, no matter how durable, Blue Silver Grass was still only vines and leaves.
The power of the spirit fusion ability used by the combined strength of two fortieth ranked Spirit
Masters wasn’t inferior to the spirit ability of a sixtieth ranked Spirit Master.
Drifting Snow didn’t have as tyrannical force of impact as Hell White Tiger, but surpassed it in
Amidst the tooth ache inducing and ear piercing grinding sound, the sticky and tough Spider Web
Restraint was already starting to show signs of breaking.
Countless snowflakes constantly cut at each corner of Tang San’s defense like a meat grinder, and
under those sharper than knives snowflakes, the outermost layer of defense was very quickly being cut,
What Drifting Snow had to erode next, was Tang San’s ten thousand year spirit ring ability, Blue Silver
When Tang San had only just learned Blue Silver Prison, at most he could use seven at once. In
resilience, Blue Silver Prison was inferior to Spiderweb Restraint, but it won out in being able to
instantly appear at the opponent’s position, and could moreover be used for group control.
Along with Tang San’s cultivation of Three Aperture Governing Heart gradually maturing, his skill in
using this fourth spirit ability had also increased. This was after all a ten thousand year spirit ring
ability, and there were a lot more ways to manipulate it than Spiderweb Restraint.
The reason Tang San could fully use more than ten Blue Silver Prisons wasn’t that his spirit power had
increased a lot, but rather because his spirit power was released more accurately each time he used this
spirit ability in real combat.
In other words, Blue Silver Prisons that might appear exactly the same, could actually have entirely
different effects. The more spirit power it used the more durable it was, using less spirit power made it
weaker. Setting the strength of his own Blue Silver Prison according to the opponents’ differences
could greatly save on Tang San’s spirit power.
Consequently, when discovering the opponents had a spirit fusion ability, Tang San could still create
multiple Blue Silver Prisons to protect everyone. This was already his full strength.
The seemingly frail snowflakes came into contact with the outermost layer of Blue Silver Prison.
Unexpectedly, the rigid Blue Silver Prison was a lot better at resisting the cutting effect of Drifting
Snow than the flexible Spiderweb Restraint.
Flexibility feared sharpness. Sharpness feared firmness. Perhaps this was the cause.
If someone could see Shui Bing-Er’s expression within the blue pillar of light right now, they would
certainly discover that it had become very unsightly. Even though she had already estimated Tang San
quite highly before this competition, Tang San’s adaptability and reaction capability still left her
The spirit fusion ability Drifting Snow was managed by Shui Bing-Er, therefore she could clearly sense
the resistance when the snowflakes struck.
She had seen Tang San create altogether seven layers of Blue Silver Prison. Even though the first layer
was already broken through by now, Shui Bing-Er discovered that if it continued like this, by the time
her and Xue Wu’s spirit power was exhausted, they still might not have been able to break Tang San’s
defensive formation.
Ten thousand year spirit abilities really weren’t ordinary. Even though it was a control type, its
defensive power could actually reach this degree. It seemed that even though Blue Silver Prison wasn’t
flashy, its practicality could leave people speechless.
Having used the spirit fusion ability, if they still couldn’t win this match, then how could Skywater
Academy have any chance of winning when confronting an even stronger Shrek Academy in the
A resonant phoenix cry resounded from within the blue pillar of light. Tang San only felt the pressure
lighten, as the tornado of cutting snowflakes soared higher into the air.
Feeling an even more formidable mental pressure after hearing that clear phoenix cry and feeling the
pressure of the attack lighten, Tang San suddenly came to himself.
Ice Phoenix, that Shui Bing-Er’s spirit was actually a first rate spirit, Ice Phoenix.
No wonder, no wonder her spirit ability control was so powerful, no wonder she could possess a spirit
fusion ability. She actually possessed such a tyrannically powerful spirit.
Both being phoenixes, the Ice Phoenix wasn’t inferior in any respect to Huo Wu’s Fire Phoenix. These
spirits were two extremes, but both were first rate existences. In power, Shui Bing-Er was even a bit
stronger than Huo Wu.
But she also possessed a partner for spirit fusion ability, Xue Wu.
In midair, the snowflakes gathered, gradually forming into a seven meter long enormous blue phoenix.
Different from the fourth spirit ability Huo Wu used that day, this Ice Phoenix appeared extremely
distinctly, as if substantial. Bright eyes, long tail feathers, its appearance touching.
The dazzlingly beautiful blue phoenix fell from the air, and without fanfare, it became an ice blue light,
floating down.
Its movements weren’t fast, but without advancing, the snowflakes drifting through the air made its
body even more substantial.
A muffled sigh echoed from within the Blue Silver Prisons, and a bizarre scene appeared. The
remaining Blue Silver Prisons unexpectedly sunk back into the ground, layer after layer. Even the final
protective Blue Silver Grass was quietly withdrawn by Tang San.
Headed by Dai Mubai, besides Tang San, the remaining six swiftly dashed off the stage as the Ice
Phoenix approached. Only Tang San remained on the stage.
Compared to the seven meter long Ice Phoenix, Tang San seemed insignificant, as dazzling blue light
completely illuminated the platform.
Right now, not even the spectators who supported Shrek Academy, supported Tang San, still believed
they could win this match.
What the spectators understood even less was why Tang San would completely remove his own
defensive setup when the opponent was on the verge of attacking. People with a bit of knowledge about
spirits could also see that right now, even if Tang San still had spirit power remaining, it absolutely
wasn’t much.
In his current condition, what could he still do?
Tang San didn’t want to concede the match. He could do it, it wouldn’t influence the outcome of the
qualifiers, after all. But he didn’t want to. For no reason other than that he didn’t want to accept defeat.
The Ice Phoenix gliding through the air paused, and Shui Bing-Er’s somewhat angry voice transmitted
from the blue light,
“Do you want to die? Get away quickly, I won’t be able to control it.”
She was already going all out, and she was already unable to control the energy of the condensed Ice
Tang San’s face revealed a trace of a slight smiling expression, inwardly saying, ‘This girl really is
kind-hearted. Only, I can’t lose.’
A tearing sound came from behind Tang San’s back, as eight vicious purple black long lances pushed
out. Each lance glittered alternately with blue and red light, the lances thrusting out sharply to either
Eight sharp points thrust sharply into the ground, raising Tang San’s body. It was Eight Spider Lances.
The Ice Phoenix was already out of control, falling from the sky, tremendous energy poured down.
Cold streams burst out, long since locked completely on Tang San. The spirit fusion ability Drifting
Snow was extremely powerful. When used, it would immediately lock onto the opponent. But at this
moment, a bizarre scene appeared.
Eight Spider Lances bent sharply, before shooting out again, sending Tang San soaring into the air like
a cannon ball. He, unexpectedly ignoring the cold streams, broke through that Ice Phoenix and the
locked on energy, rising more than twenty meters into the air.
The stage was already icebound, instantly covered in a layer of blue luster. The next moment, with a
loud rumble, it completely collapsed.
Even the few remaining Skywater Academy members with water element capabilities rushed to leap off
the moment it began to fall.
This could be said to be the most destructive scene since the start of the qualifiers, and also the most
dazzling one. Unfortunately, it didn’t successfully hit its intended target.
The appearance of Eight Spider Lances made Tang San feel full of energy again, supported by the
power of the external spirit bone. When he fell from the back, Eight Spider Lances had already quietly
withdrawn into his back.
The entire vast Heaven Dou Great Spirit Arena was already covered in a thin layer of frost.
Gust after gust of cold made the spectators expressions rigid.
Standing in the ruins of the stage, Shui Bing-Er managed to stand with Xue Wu’s support. Looking at
Tang San falling from the sky, there was a burst of despondency in her eyes.
She didn’t understand how something like this would happen. How her and Xue Wu’s spirit fusion
ability, further adding her own spirit’s power, was unable to defeat the gently landing opponent.
Drifting Snow’s cold was enough to make anyone slow down. In that split second before, the
temperature on the stage had dropped to a frightening level, and further adding the control of the cold
streams, she refused to believe that any Spirit Master under sixtieth rank could break through and
escape its attack range.
But, that man had accomplished it. His movements looked effortless, as if he didn’t use any strength.
But only Shui Bing-Er herself knew just how difficult it was to escape Drifting Snow.
The two young womens’ faces were now pale, spirit power overdraft making it very difficult for them
to even stand.
Tang San had already landed in the ruins, and step by step walked towards them. Even though his spirit
power fluctuations were already weak, as long as she thought of the close combat fighting ability he
displayed before, Shui Bing-Er knew it would be impossible for her and Xue Wu to defeat him.
Part 2
By now, only three people still remained on the stage. The outcome was already settled.
“Can’t you tell me how?”
Shui Bing-Er said somewhat bitterly.
Tang San stopped three meters in front of the two women. The alarming-looking Eight Spider Lances
had been withdrawn even before people could see them clearly. But, he knew that in this match, he had
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