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OReilly - Beginning Programming with JavaScript Part 1 

If you've never programmed before, or have just begun learning a language such as Java, this video course is the ideal way to get started with javascript. Instead of learning javascript in the context of web development-as many teaching resources would have you do-you'll learn the principles of the language itself.
Host Semmy Purewal takes you through you the language basics, including variables, type-checking, loops, objects, arrays, and array methods. Download this video course or view it through our HD player and get going today. Install a text editor and get the course examples
Learn javascript's basic functions, such as how to create and call them
Declare and using variables (basic calculations with functions)
Work with if-statements and Boolean expressions
Learn about loops, using basic examples and problems
Delve into array basics and use for-loops to traverse arrays
Learn data wrangling with built-in array functions
Understand how to use array functions on maps

Semmy Purewal has worked with a diverse group of clients, including startups, nonprofits, and research labs, during his decade-long tenure as a computer science instructor and freelance javascript consultant. These days, he works primarily as a software engineer

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