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Chapter 1 - Past and Present
Please forgive my sudden letter.
Once again, I'm sorry for not sending any letters until now.
But I'm delighted to be able to write a letter like this.
I shed a few tears out of nostalgia.
It's really a greeting after a long silence.
I'm sorry. Also, thank you.
I'm alright.
Part 1
An oscillating sound of cicadas came from outside the room.
She returned to her childhood years, caught in her warm, hazy dream.
The backcountry residence was in the mountains. It was encircled by forests, and
cicadas would be crying all day once it got to summer. Moreover, the sound of
cicadas covered the world due to the sliding doors being opened for ventilation in
the blazing hot days.
But to the young her, the so-called 'world' was just like that. For instance, the air,
the light, the time. Also, the aura. Naturally, the sound of cicadas was also there
as something natural.
A spacious, old, and yet cozy residence.
The hallway was lit by the dazzling summer sunlight and the smell of greenery
floated in the air. In comparison to the hot and stifling weather outside, the cool
touch of the floor absorbed the heat. She lay on the ground, fascinated by that
comfortable sensation. She carelessly listened to the oscillating sound of the
Sound and light, aura and time. They all mixed together and became one. She
was in the world and could feel the presence of it.
Her young self was powerless and weak, and wasn't even clear about the
boundaries between the world and her 'self'. Hence, when she occasionally lost
her sense of self, it seemed as if she dissolved into the world.
Her sense of self wasn't yet well-developed, and in many situations her senses
were overwhelmed. Her current phase of sense of self was similar to a shell-less
egg. Even if it had a form, it was weak and easily changed. More importantly, if
she was a spirit sensor who had the ability to 'see' aura, then her senses tended to
become overwhelmed even more strongly. Like a butterfly blown around by the
wind, her sense of self would easily cross the line between worlds. Her sense of
self dissolved, mixing with the world. Aura and time dissolved and mixed in
along with the sound and light, becoming one.
Her soul hesitated in between.
In order to keep that from happening, people would cast 'magic' on others not
long after they were born.
A name.
She hastily rose after being called upon. Her sense of self that had mixed with the
world returned to her body.
A deep and gentle voice. Also, that voice contained a special emotion for her. She
finally regained her sense of self after being called upon by her name with such
emotion. At the same time, her young self grew distance - her consciousness
surfaced inside the room.
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