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Calc98 for WindowsCE Devices

Calc98 is a Scientific/Engineering calculator with
units conversions and physical properties.
Statistics, financial, array and matrix functions.  
It supports algebraic or RPN logic, and
customisable size, fonts, layout and appearance.

We recommend that you back up your WindowsCE device before
starting installation.

The Calc98 files are compressed either as a self-extracting 
zip file (C98xxxx.exe) or as a zip file (
Self-extracting files can be unpacked by running the file 
(e.g. by double-clicking the icon).   
You can choose the directory where you want the files to go, 
or use the default (recommended).  Otherwise, the files can 
be unpacked using a utility such as zip, WinZip or PKUNZIP.

Once the files have been unpacked on your PC, they need 
to be copied to your device.  By default, the self-extracting
file will start this process automatically, provided 
you are running an up-to-date version of ActiveSync on your
PC.  Otherwise you may need to double-click on setup.exe in the 
directory where the files were installed on your PC and follow
the directions.  ActiveSync is available from Microsoft and 
is normally supplied with the device.  If you are upgrading Calc98
it may warn you that the application is already installed, and you 
will need to confirm that you want to re-install. Once installed, 
Calc98 should appear in your Start menu and in Start/Programs.

If you are unable to use the setup program for any reason you will
need to transfer the files manually.
The application files are compressed in a "cab" file (  
This file should be copied onto your device e.g. using the 
ActiveSync Explorer.  Once transferred, you need to run the cab
file on the device. You can either use File Explorer on the device
to navigate to the file, or install it into
the directory "MyDevice/Windows/Start Menu" which makes
it appear in the Start Menu on the device.  When you 
run the cab file the calculator is installed on the device.
You can then run it from the shortcuts in the Start Menu or
in Programs.  

The files are actually installed in the directory
"MyDevice/Program Files/Calc98CE".  A simple help file
is installed but the full help files are in the CalcHelp
directory which is on your PC.  We suggest you use a browser
on your PC to read these, because they are
quite large.  The starting point is CalcHelp/index.htm.
If you prefer to install them on the device, 
you will need to copy the whole CalcHelp directory to the 
"MyDevice/Program Files/Calc98CE" directory on the device.

To remove the application from the device, go to 
Settings/Remove Programs, select Calc98 and choose Remove.

To copy the application to another device Send the cab
file using the IR port.  Provided the other device uses
the same or a compatible CPU you can then run the cab
file on the other device to install the application.
The cab file is automatically deleted from the device during
installation, so if you want to use it again you need
to make it read-only.

Please read the licence terms and other information in the file 
Readme.htm in the CalcHelp directory.  Further installation 
instructions are in the file Install.htm and information about 
this release is contained in the file Release.htm.  

For further information about Calc98 visit our website at
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