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The Whole Astrology Workbook
By Paul Joseph Rovelli
Published by Birdland Communications
Component Spaces & To Mega Projects Divisions
Autumnal Equinox
Copyright 2001ev
This book is dedicated to two special woman, Carol Puglisi and Renee Francis in recognition of their
devotion to beautifying the world around them and the sharing of their heart and soul so freely given to all
they come in contact with. Their power to make Astrology come alive has left me awe-inspired; not only
by their talents, but also in their love and enthusiasm for communicating the secrets of the craft.
A special thanks also goes out to Monica D. Rocha along with Keith and Sharon Karagan for their technical
assistance. It seems that nothing worth doing in this life can really be done effectively without the
generous cooperation of others. This is one of the beautiful vicissitudes of life.
Astrology goes to the very core of the Western Mystery Tradition. The twelve houses of the Zodiac
describe a complete mystical journey through life. By its very nature, it describes clearly how to become
fully human and more complete than most of usually end up attaining. The twelve stages of growth and
initiation are each in themselves existential crises' that work like sand in an oyster; but to produce a pearl.
Wisdom, health, wealth and spiritual success are the fruits of this art and science.
Geometry is the key to the study of the sky. The angular relationships of specific heavenly bodies is keenly
felt upon the psyche, which is far more sensitive an instrument than most of us are aware. In occult terms,
it is said that we are all interconnected with the universe on a plane of a less dense, more nebulous matter
or 'ether' as coined by Eliphas Levi. This is a sort of plasma or menstruum that has two intersecting
currents that meet in every sentient being (and all the universe is sentient!). One current is elemental and
horizontal; running over the surface of the earth. And the other is spiritual and vertical; found in that which
is called the solar 'Prana'.
The history of Astrology and the study of a host of different approaches to it, provides a profound study for
the serious student. In the study of astrological history, one will encounter the history of the human spirit
and forge a real racial connection with our noble human race through all its various cultures and myths.
And there's Vedic Astrology, Uranian Astrology and Sidereal Astrology along with our culture's more
tradition Tropical Astrology, which is now more symbolic in quality. These will prove most rewarding if
the student but first master the thorough basics that this book creates the opportunity for.
Explore each exercise and take your time; thoroughly absorbing each set of symbols and each mental
exercise. It is not a book to be rushed into and read. But it is a book to provide a thorough investigation
into the practice of Astrology for he or she that has had no prior training or education in either Astrology or
any of the other arts and sciences of the Western Mystery Tradition. And because of how vast Astrology
actually is, one will find that those other crafts are of our tradition are in themselves inspired by that ancient
wonder of wonders…when humanity first learned to look to the sky.
Table of Contents
What is Astrology?
II. The Astrology Chart
III. The Zodiac
a. Exercise One
IV. Layout of the Wheel
a. Exercise Two
b. Exercise Three
V. Angles & Their Function
a. Exercise Four
VI. Planets, Asteroids & Their Function
a. Exercise Five
VII. Dual Role of the Luminaries as Parents
VIII. The Zodiac
a. Exercise Six
IX. Rulerships
a. Exercise Seven
b. Exercise Eight
X. Aspects
a. Exercise Nine
b. Exercise Ten
XI. Dispositors
a. Exercise Eleven
XII. Chart Interpretation
XIII. Progressions of the Natal Chart
a. Exercise Twelve
XIV. Transits to the Natal Chart
a. Exercise Thirteen
XV. Return Charts
a. Exercise Fourteen
XVI. Synastry and Composite Charts
a. Exercise Fifteen
b. Exercise Sixteen
XVII. Horary Astrology
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